The architectue of roadside spinach stands

This collection of stands is along route 60,  in front of Chandela, an Arab village, on the road to the border crossing leading into Jenin. At the day these were takes, only two were active, selling fresh spinach and radishes straight off the fields behind them.

Most it would seem, are “placeholder”, designed to maintain a familly’s spot along the road passing in front of the village. Some may have been in use at some time or another. In many, surplus furnitre, sometimes of the over-stuffed vareity, sits there and rots in the rain.

Driving by that section of the road, which I do weekly, leaves one with an impression of a ghost town, sitting there in front of a seemingly well-to-do, built up village.




2 thoughts on “The architectue of roadside spinach stands

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  2. odedgilad

    על הסוכות שיש עליהן שלט כתוב ‘מלוחיה’ מלבד אחת שבה כתוב על בד כתוב ‘עולש’. מלוחיה עוד לא אכלתי, אבל תבשיל העולש שאכלתי באל באבור השאיר לי המון טעם של עוד



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